Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden Heart Cake

I made this cake from I Am Baker's blog for Valentine's Day. It is supposed to have a hidden heart inside. It was quite the undertaking and the first time I have ever carved a cake. Unfortunately, my heart didn't quite come out in the shape I wanted it to. You can kind of tell it resembles a heart though! Check out hers though... it is amazing! She also has step by step directions to follow if you want to make one. I'll just give the shortened version with my pics here.

First, make a 9x13 pan of red velvet cake. Break it up with a fork and mix in about 1 cup of frosting. Set aside.
Next, make two 2 layer white cakes. Frost in between each layer with white frosting. Put the layer cakes in the freezer for a couple of hours or even overnight.
When the cakes are nice and frozen, use a small bowl to make an outline on the top of each cake. I used a toothpick to make the line.
Next came the hardest part for me. You need to make a pointed well in the center of one layer cake. Mine was too wide at the bottom.
You need to make a well in the second layer cake as well. But this one needs a pointed mound in the middle. Mine was not pointed enough.
Next you fill the wells with the red velvet mixture you made earlier. You should frost around the ring of the bottom layer cake so you know which one needs to go on top. Stack the cakes together with the red velvet meeting in the middle. The cake with the pointed mound in the well will be the top. Frost a crumb coat on the 4 layer cake. Refrigerate or freeze for about 15 minutes.
Then frost the entire cake and smooth. Try to smooth it better than I did!
To decorate, I piped pink borders on the top and bottom of the cake. Then I used cookie cutters to press on the sides of the cake as a stencil.
Then I went over the stencil marks with frosting.
I finished by writing on the top of the cake.

Not quite a heart inside, but you get the idea! Happy Valentine's Day!


Tracy said...

Amazing effort!! I know that was difficult and I am so impressed!!

rebecca said...

Awesome! When I read the original directions I was like, toothpick and twine?!?! I'm glad you went the sensible route with a bowl. ;)

Ingrid said...

I've been to I am Baker....she's very talented but you really did an amazing job. I tip my hat off to you for just trying it.

Amanda said...

WOW!! You did beautifully!! I am really VERY impressed!! ANd your photography is just awesome. You are all around rock star!!


Amanda said...

Oh... I just read your comment about the 'sensible route'....

Stinker! ;)